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Here are options for Ron to consult with your association or business.


Strategic Planning

In your business or profession, there are times when you need to take an objective, critical look at what you're doing, how well you're doing it, and determine if your website and marketing materials are performing in a way that brings in new customers, clients, or members.

That's why our Onsite Strategic Planning Program is so powerful. We'll review your overall business goals and objectives, critique your individual marketing pieces–both print and online–and identify immediate strategies you can implement that will help drive business your way.

During the onsite meeting, we'll review your material, provide feedback, and then identify specific opportunities to better connect with your target markets in a way that produces tangible, measureable business results. Along with these recommendations, we’ll develop methods to measure and track the total return on investment of your marketing dollars. 

During the program, you'll discover:

  • Recommended sources for lead generation

  • High-level marketing strategies for identifying new product and market opportunities

  • Specific trigger points and copy recommendations to include in your marketing to help deliver the highest results 


Contact us to set up an Onsite Strategic Planning Program for your business or organization, and let us know exactly what you need.

  1. The entire team will be working together towards a shared goal.

  2. Everyone will learn and apply the strategies at the same time.

  3. The team will leave with a comprehensive plan for success and specific strategies to implement to achieve the targeted results.

Ron Rosenberg presents a consulting program to one of his clients.

Benefits Include:

Onsite Strategic Planning
Ron Rosenberg offers 1-hour marketing makeovers that clients can view on their computer screen.


Marketing Makeover

Now you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your website and online marketing strategy with a Marketing Makeover consultation with Ron. 

No Heavy Lifting: All you do is provide us with the links to your website, Facebook, and other social media pages, and any other marketing materials you’d like us to review!

Simple to Set Up: View your custom webinar on your computer, LCD projector, or large monitor for your entire team. Ask specific questions and watch your marketing and business growth strategies transform right before your eyes.

It’s a Virtual One-on-One Consulting Session: Ron will personally spend a full hour on a video conference call with you and your team analyzing your website and marketing materials and giving you specific feedback to help you increase your response and boost your revenue.


Click here to learn more about a Marketing Makeover with Ron Rosenberg!

Marketing Makeover


Website Solutions

For most businesses and organizations, your website is your lifeline to your customers, clients, and members. Yet, some of you haven't updated your website in years. It's old and outdated, and in some cases you're not sure how to access it or even how to get in touch with your web designer to make any changes!

That's why we offer web design solutions to help you create a website that works for you, allows you to make changes to connect more effectively with your prospects and members, and enables your website to work for you to bring in new revenue to your business or organization.

Click on the link below to let us know how we can help you and we'll get back to you shortly to set up a time to discuss your website needs. Or you can set up an appointment using the tab on the lower right corner of your screen. Click here for costs on extended maintenance of your website once it's completed.

Ron Rosenberg offers web design solutions for his clients.
Website Solutions
Graphic Designer Working


Marketing Automation

Discover how you can more effectively market to your prospects and customers with a online customer relationship management system (CRM). 


Grow Your Business and Increase Revenue


To be successful, you need to focus on what you do best, and that means clearing the decks from anything that’s not a “core competency.”


We’ll work with you to incorporate ActiveCampaign CRM system into your business so you can:


  • Generate new leads with customized response forms

  • Nurture these leads with automated relationship-development sequences

  • Maximize customer value through precise targeted marketing

  • Develop a sales funnels to transform leads from prospects to customers to advocates

  • Automate key business processes to free up more time in your day


Click on the link below to let us know how we can help you with your marketing automation. Or you can set up an appointment using the tab on the lower right corner of your screen.

Marketing Automation
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