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Speaking & Training

Here is a unique option for Ron to present a highly interactive online program for your association or business organization. 

Ron Rosenberg helps businesses and organizations develop online mastermind training programs.


Online Mastermind Training Program

In the current environment of work-from-home - and the disconnection it's causing for teams and work groups - it's more important than ever to have opportunities for human interaction and collaboration.


"We're all in this together" has to be more than a catchy phrase or a social media hashtag - you have to intentionally and deliberately create opportunities for connection within your community.


That's why we've developed a very special and unique model that combines the learning of a virtual training program with the opportunity for real-time collaboration with your professional peers. 


Compatible with almost all of our training program topics - or with content customized specifically for your group - this special "hybrid" format combines a mix of training, discussion, and collaboration.


Participants will be able to work together in virtual breakout rooms during the program to address critical issues and share their findings with the rest of the group.  By doing this, they'll be able to identify critical issues, get input from their peers, and share best practices with others in their industry and profession.


This is an innovative model that recreates - virtually - the powerful experience of an in-person training program, board meeting, or strategic-planning session.

Mastermind Group
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