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What the Pandemic Reveals About You

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

In many ways, the last few months have led us into a surreal "dreamlike" state, where we feel like the people in the foreground of this photo. They're wandering around in a blur, trying desperately to return to the "real world" where they know what to expect and how to function.

What the COVID-19 pandemic reveals about you
"After the Sun Goes Down" - Rome, Italy, October 2019 - Photo by Ron Rosenberg

I've read many articles recently that comment on how the COVID-19 outbreak has brought out the best and the worst in people. These articles cite various examples of selfless sacrifice, alongside cases of selfish ignorance.

I think there might be a little more to it, though.

You see, we've all been thrust into a new reality that's challenging, stressful, and completely unknown. Situations like these don't tend to change your basic nature; instead, I think, they amplify it.

If people normally demonstrate behaviors that are selfish, inconsiderate, and self-centered, a major redefinition of "normal" will only bring these characteristics to the forefront, where they will influence and inform every decision these people make, and every action they take.

On the other hand, if your past experiences exhibit behaviors that are authentic, considerate, and thoughtful, then your actions during a time of crisis will be helpful, selfless, and significant.

The phrase we see everywhere, "we're all in this together" can seem a little cliche - even a bit naive - but in times like these, it's often the small gestures that have the greatest impact. Offering to go shopping for an elderly neighbor, reaching out to your friends, or working with your customers on mutually beneficial alternatives, all help to create the emotional foundation that's absolutely necessary if we're going to emerge successfully into the "new normal."

So please visit the "Comments" section below and take this opportunity to share an example of how someone has offered to help you personally or professionally; or, if you prefer, let us know something you've done - however simple it might seem - to help someone else navigate this new reality.

Thanks in advance for your input and please stay safe!

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