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Your Life is a Collage of Images...

Why do we take pictures? Whether it’s an expansive shot of the Grand Canyon taken on a family vacation, an advertising photo of a new product, or just a selfie of you and your friends having drinks after work, it’s all about the story.

The objective is to capture the essence of each experience in a single frame, like the images above from our travels over the last few years. There's a story behind each and every one of them, and a memory to go along with it.

What About Your Images?

In a way, your life can be represented as a time lapse movie, taken one frame at a time.

And the images you capture represent a collage of your own personal stories. Whether you look at them in an "old-school" family photo album, or post pictures of your last vacation to Facebook or Instagram, you’re telling a story.

If you have no experiences to share, then you have no story. So the decisions you make – how you choose to spend your time ultimately determine the stories of your life.

Think in terms of a "snapshot" – time is marching forward, minute by minute. Life is dynamic, and what constitutes “reality” at this moment will surely be different tomorrow.

So What Stories Do Your Selfies Tell?

Imagine if someone took random snapshots of your life throughout the day. Would they be images you'd be proud of? Ones you would want shared? If they had titles, would they say something like:

"Discovering How Important the Moments Are in My Life..."

"Spending Time with the People Who Are Special to Me"

Or would they be more like these:

"Wasting Time Watching Mindless TV"

"Randomly Browsing Websites with No Real Purpose"

If you collected and curated these images over the course of days, months, and years, would they be the ones you'd want included in your personal album? Would they deserve a place of honor in the time lapse of your life?

You have a choice of how you spend your time - of where and how you invest your energy, your focus, and your creativity. Why not make a deliberate effort to start creating images that will lead to a beautiful and impactful Life Collage?

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