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Sponsorship Opportunities

Here's How Sponsoring Ron to Present at a Conference or Event Can Help You Connect with Your Market and Gain Positive Exposure and Goodwill. 


Maximize Your Results at an Association, Chapter Leadership, or Industry Event or Online Program!

Getting in front of your potential clients, customers, or members is vital to promoting your products or services. By sponsoring a presentation at a conference, trade show, or other live event, you will maximize your exposure, as well as give back to the industry you serve. This will go a long way to building loyalty with your customer base.


Here's how you benefit by sponsoring an event:

  • Informative, Engaging Presentation: By sponsoring a presentation, you are providing valuable information to your customers, clients, or members. In addition, in the program introduction, you'll be mentioned as having sponsored the program, and at the end of the presentation, you'll be mentioned as the sponsor responsible for bringing this useful content to the event. You'll be able to meet the needs of the attendees and exhibitors, and also benefit from the publicity you get with your sponsorship.

  • Bonus and Giveaways: During the session, attendees will receive special prizes and giveaways, and we can include the Sponsor's name and information as we're doing this. We can even create customized books and USB drives with valuable content - all branded with your information - so attendees will always remember who is responsible for helping them become more successful.

  • Post-Program Follow-Up: We'll offer additional support materials including copies of the program slides for people who complete our simple feedback form. We will include your contact information and a link to your special offer in all post-program communications.

  • Sponsorship Materials: All materials, including handouts and other promotional items, will include information about the sponsor such as, "Ron Rosenberg is sponsored at this event by (Sponsor name)." You can use this on all of your pre-show materials and include your logo as well.

  • Trade Show Bonuses: We can offer a special webinar for your entire team with the "trade show secrets" that can help you double, or even triple, the measurable results you get from your investment. Plus, we can set up a special consulting webinar to help you apply these strategies specifically for the event.

  • Marketing Makeovers: Attendees can stop by the Sponsor's trade show booth to sign up for a free 20-minute one-on-one consultation with Ron, compliments of the Sponsor. To do this, attendees will visit the vendor twice: once to sign up for a visit and a second time for their actual visit!

How You Benefit by Sponsoring a Live Event or Online Webinar Series!

  • Maximize your promotional efforts during the event and gain valuable goodwill with the industries you serve

  • Generate new business from the increased awareness you get before, during, and after the program

  • Boost your potential revenue from the increased business you get at the conference or event

  • Create lucrative, long-term relationships with your customers, clients, and members

Ron presents live presentations for associations and businesses.
Sponsorship Opportunities
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